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Hard gel nail repair at home

Nails are not meant to be used as tools, however most people absolutely use them as tools. (that includes myself) I’m going to walk you through everything I did to repair this nail with a little picture tutorial. This is my first picture tutorial as I usually do videos


Thumb edge has lifting so we need to remove everything that has lifted before we reapply the product

Light Elegance Nail Repair



1. Take your hand file or electric E-File, I use the Saeyang K35 and remove everything right before the lifting starts


Lifting Removed

2.  Once you don’t see any flaky white patches you no longer need to file the lifting away. Once I have removed the lifting I start to turn my file completely flat and go over the entire nail to bring down the product slightly. The nail will now be completely matte once you wipe off the dust with a lint free wipe. Once you have completed those steps you are ready for application.



I’m taking Gelish Foundation which is a soak off base (even though I have never soaked off my nails). Light Elegance’s Pink 1-Step and the Gel Polish Brush #6 to apply the hard gel.

Harmony Gelish Foundation Gel


3. Apply a thin layer of Gelish Foundation to the entire nail, cuticle to free edge, and cure for 10 seconds in LED lamp.



Light Elegance's Pink 1-Step


4. Apply a thin slip layer of Light Elegance’s Pink 1-Step all over the nail, cuticle to free edge, don’t cure

5. Grab a larger bead of Pink 1-Step to half the brush to fill in the gap or dent in the gel

6. Cleanse, File and buff the nail

fixed nail


Your nail should look like this





7. Apply topcoat of your choice, I used Light Elegance’s Super Shiny




fixed nail



Here is the final result! Good as new 🙂



I hope you were able to find this helpful! Let me know if you try it out



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